Managed security services

Most organizations recognize the threats they face online and are not comfortable with that risk, but fail to do anything about it. It is that kind of inertia that ultimately leads to cyber-security breaches. The increase of cyber-crime activity and sophistication means the urgency to act is greater now than it has ever been.

Some companies have found an innovative way to address their cyber-security needs through outsourcing, and you may be surprised to learn the reasons why. Most companies do not have the expertise in-house to do justice to the task of protecting their IT assets from external threats. Cyber-security is a specialized field within IT. The skill set is broad and technical, encompassing network security, platform security, application security, and industry-specific compliance. It takes years of experience to be able to appreciate and prioritize risks and be capable of remediating them properly.

Cyber-security is perfect candidate for outsourcing and here is something you may find useful in your everyday business:

  • Drive your IT Security strategy and work activities
  • Assess and report on network, server and application vulnerabilities and suggest fixes
  • Organize and govern Policies and Procedures to improve security and maintain Compliance
  • Monitor network and/or hosts for suspicious activity, notify IT of events/incidents